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Another work I’m excited to introduce to you is one targeting minority “adult” males.  The Cave of Adullam runs interference on the incarceration rate, on the front end, preventing youth from entering the prison industrial complex.

The T.R. Stegall Education Foundation runs an offensive and defensive play to reduce recidivism rates–ensuring men who come out of prison don’t go back.  This program is based in Atlanta, GA.   And like the Cave, I pray that this program is scaled and present in communities across the country.

My Personal Experience w/ T.R. Stegall

I am an early supporter of the foundation as I’ve had the privilege of watching Travis begin it and continues to watch him make moves to make it a national model.

I referred a young man, who went to prison at age 14, to T.R. Stegall.  He was released in 2009 at age 25.  He grew up in prison.  The world had changed so much.  He had no skills.  He could not get a job at McDonalds because of his record.  I introduced him to Travis and within a couple months, this young man was working at Atlanta City Hall.

Unfortunately, he proved not, yet, ready for the opportunity–BUT it made a huge impact upon him.  It proved to him there is hope and there are people who care.  He now has “social capital” available to him when he is ready to do the work and stay the course.

Not A Feel Good Non-Profit

The Foundation is not a feel good, social vanity, non-profit that shows good on paper and in public presentations for ego-centric founders.  As unfortunately, too many non-profit start-ups prove to serve the interest and public image of the founder(s) rather than the people they claim.

I’ve watched Travis in the trenches with his guys going through disappointing cycles (that are to be expected) when committing to serve such a volatile population of people.

Key Distinctive

The program is also distinctive in that it aims to prepare program participants to earn 2-4 year college degrees, or marketable trade skills whereby they can either get a job paying well ABOVE minimum wage, or start their own business.

Watch Travis below discuss sustainability and the program.  Then visit foundation website to learn more about it and how you can donate or get involved (if in Atlanta).

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