Podcast: So You Want to Build An App

Podcast:  So You Want to Build An App

Last year, when I was living in Atlanta,  I had the pleasure of recording a podcast, for what I called, Technology Tuesday.  It was with a local Atlanta software developer named Justin Richardson.  He is co-founder of an app development company called Ten Rocket. At the time of this interview, Justin and his partner ran their company out of Atlanta’s most renowned co-working space, Atlanta Tech Village.  Shortly after this interview, they moved to another co-working space (don’t recall space).  Atlanta is often described as the Silicon Valley of the south because of its robustly teeming start-up tech communities.   I was just at a  pitch event called The Consumer Show hosted by another start-up hub in Atlanta called Switch Yards.  I miss Atlanta and the start-up scene there.  I guess that’s why I decided to go down memory lane and pull out this oldie.  Click the image below to take a listen to the podcast discussion.build an app

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