Welcome to My Eclectic Online Cul-de-Sac

14. March 2016 BLOG
Welcome to My Eclectic Online Cul-de-Sac

Hello!  I’m Latisha. I’m glad you found me.  Welcome to latishagrady.com.  I call it my HUB site.  I call it my personal knowledge base where I blog on the professional topics in which I dabble a little.

Specifically, I’m a former commercial real estate professional turned freelance SEO copywriter and digital strategist.  You can hire me, here.  I’m a late bloomer to realizing what I do well or what I should’ve been doing, all along, to make a living.  I wrote about this realization and my crooked career lines in this post.

I am multi-skilled and multi-passioned. One of my passion projects is Goodbye Broke. It is my personal finance blog documenting my payoff of over $80K in debt.

Finally, I leave you with a stunning image that represents how I’m aiming to live every day of my life. High. Poised. Free.  I call it living at the 30,000 feet level–above the foolish and the fray. This young lady is Jane King.  She is my big-sister-mentor, Derona King’s, daughter.  She dances for the Metropolitan Theater in New York City.  Isn’t this pic dope and inspiring?  And, isn’t her physique just everything?

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and if you like how I’m showing up in the world, here, please share me with your friends and connect with me across all social channels @goodbyebrokegirl.  Until next time…enjoy your day!


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