The Digital Marketing Presentation that Won My 1st Client

The Digital Marketing Presentation that Won My 1st Client

I’ve been freelancing for 90 days now–performing digital marketing for real estate agents (in addition to consulting with an SEO Agency for their myriad of clientele).  I am happy my clients report satisfaction with my work and my strategies are moving the needle.

It all started this past summer.  It suddenly hit me that I needed to overcome my imposter syndrome and promote myself as a digital marketer because this is what I enjoy and do, almost, naturally.

Temporarily relocating back to my very small hometown, to care for my sick mother, after unexpectedly losing my job at the top of 2016, I needed to find work.  So I took a job as a property management assistant until I could figure out my next entrepreneurial move.

I expressed interest, during my interview, that I had digital marketing skills and would love to deploy them for this brokerage.  Shortly after being hired, an opportunity arose where I was called upon to give a presentation to the office.

This humble presentation resulted in one of the agents calling upon me to become her digital marketing consultant. You may see her testimonial about her experience with me.

I’m so glad I listened to myself.  I overcame my imposter syndrome and took action. The feedback I’m receiving from clients, daily, confirm I made the right choice.

For not only did that one agent become my client, the brokerage became my client in September.  I am no longer their employee, I am their digital marketing consultant.

This presentation is super simple and may not be impressive from a design standpoint. But, I share it as a milestone of hope and to prove –that it’s not about perfection.

It’s about taking action to help others who need what you know. It’s not about a college degree or having years of experience. 

 And, it’s about the courage to show up.   You can always clean up and improve your skills later.

How about you?  Have you ever bet on yourself like that?  When was the last time you stepped out on a limb to believe in yourself?   Don’t keep it to yourself.  Share in the comments below, send me a tweet @goodbyebrokegirl, or email me at and tell me about it.

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