The Cave of Adullam

I’m excited to introduce you to this work.  I’m always on alert for any discipline based initiative focused on building character in Black American boys–particularly those who do not have the luxury of a mentally, emotionally, and physically present father.In steps, The Cave of Adullam.  It is a male character strengthening system.

I think such an offensive intervention does much to challenge negative stereotypes and derail the current trajectories associated with black males–crime, jail, and the grave.

I absolutely love what Jason is doing in Detroit and I am praying The Cave will be scaled (like Back on My Feet) and present in communities all across the country.  In addition to watching the videos below, please check out Jason’s website THEYUINON.ORG to learn more about his other youth programs and especially that #CAVELIFE.   🙂   Join me in donating and supporting this work.  If you can’t give…make the CAVE go viral by sharing!



FANTASTIC UPDATE:   It has happened!  The Cave has gone VIRAL.  In late summer 2016, the world finally got to see what I and others have been observing for years.  This moment is what I and others have been praying for Jason Wilson and his Cave of Adullam, for years.  The following video has traveled the global net over a million times.  It has opened many more doors for the organization.  Jason and the Cave have been featured on Dr. Oz Show and will be featured at the White House the week of October 17, 2016.  Please rejoice with me and continue to share the Cave videos.



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