Back on My Feet


When I heard about BoMF in 2008, I (and I found out later several others) hounded the headquarters yearly to start an Atlanta Chapter.  On 11/11/11, I was a part of the Atlanta launch having initiated a fundraiser at my place of employment that raised close to $4K for the charity.   I also participated as a run leader before I moved outside the Perimeter (the runs start at 5:45 am).  I fell in love with this non-profit model because its emphasis is a self-determination approach to poverty alleviation. It focuses on restoring dignity through self-discipline.  It changes the way the person sees themselves–which is powerful to change poor choices into healthy ones or vice versa.  Check the video below, as well as the BoMF website to learn how you can donate or volunteer in a chapter in your area or lobby to start one.



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