“7 Facebook Business Pages Worth Stalking”

“7 Facebook Business Pages Worth Stalking”

Curaytor is an elite boutique marketing agency whose primary clients are real estate industry professionals.  I began courting them as a client in April 2017.  Once I finally got clear on my value proposition as the Rainmaker’s Assistant, I sent them a compelling email offer they could not refuse. The offer was a written version of this video version I recorded on my Instagram Page last year.  Long story short, they are now my client and I’m officially a freelance content marketing writer for them.  As of February 2018, I’m working on my third assignment.  Late last month, the first assignment “7 Facebook Pages Worth Stalking”  was published on the Curaytor Blog.

In sales, there’s no saying more famous than ABC – “Always Be Closing.” In this post, we’re introducing a concept that should be as close to any marketer’s heart as ABC is to a salesperson’s: ABS – “Always Be Stalking.”


I invite you to go over to the Curaytor blog and READ MORE.

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