What Others Say About Me

The older I get, the more I prefer to show who I am and what I can do verses tell and talk about myself.  But it’s necessary to share something about who you are when you are communicating online and, especially, when your workplace is online.  That said, you should know that I am an aspiring entrepreneur who makes my living online as a premium-skilled virtual assistant to Rainmakers.  Rainmakers are producing entrepreneurs. In other words, I help Rainmakers make more rain.  My dream job is to own a business that makes me money while I sleep and to be an investor (e.g. real estate, VC, angel, Christian ministries).  Currently, I am focused like a laser-beam on becoming debt-free so as to accelerate my wealth building.  My super-powers are patience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence (aka discernment).  These traits give me laser precision to identify root problems to solve and avoid unnecessary conflicts. I carry no vain illusions about who I am.  I’m comfortable with what I am and what I’m NOT.  In otherwords, I’m sober-minded most of the time. 🙂  Finally, I am a late bloomer to realizing what I, actually, do well.  Now, I’ll let a few people who have either lived or worked with me tell you about their experience with me.  For, I think it’s most credible when others sing your praises.  

“… Your lines don’t always have to be straight and I love that about you…”  “…You WRITE so well.  You are not just “clever” in your way of putting things down, you are animated and funny…”  “…You make me laugh…”

Marlene Maina
Wife. Mom. Author. & Friend

“I had the pleasure of working with Latisha on our Back on My Feet social responsibility initiative while at Prommis.  I was very impressed that Latisha took the initiative, brought this compelling project to senior management and then, when we said, “ok,” she took the bull by the horns and ran the project for the entire company.  Latisha has a bright future and is a great example of how success is really all about getting stuff done.”

Denis Brosnan
Founder: Yellow Park Garden
Former CEO of Prommis Solutions
My 1st Entrepreneur Mentor

“…You continue to display the love, wisdom, and truth of Christ even on the toughest topics of life…”

Tenecia Fears
Wife. Mom. Educator & Friend

“Latisha is a very competent commercial real estate agent who is dedicated and steadfast. Seeks fair solutions and is incredibly honest and trustworthy.”

Dacia Tarleton Bleeker
Commercial Real Estate Investor
669 Boulevard Client

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