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Who Is Latisha?
I am a freelance virtual marketing assistant who is driven by SEO best practices and user experience. I help Rainmakers make more rain.  In other words, I help professionals convey their value for a specific business result. Taglines, marketing concepts, and strategies harass me until I find a place for them to rest.  My super-powers are patience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.  These traits give me laser precision to identify root problems to solve and avoid unnecessary conflicts. I am a late bloomer to realizing what I, actually, do well.

This site is my personal knowledge base. It’s where I blog about the professional topics in which I dabble a little.  It’s me giving myself an opportunity to practice and reinforce what I know by writing about it.

Work History
Currently, I am a freelance marketing assistant for private clients in eastern NC and Raleigh-Durham.  On December 31, 2016, I completed a short-term freelance digital marketing project for a cool start-up called Can I Rank.   Prior to these roles, I worked professionally in commercial real estate investment sales (three years in Atlanta, GA) and bookkeeping (five years in real estate industry in Atlanta, GA).

Interesting Historical Facts
One interesting fact from my real estate practice is I marketed and closed $6M in distressed multifamily properties between 2004-2007.  Prior to scratching my first “formal” entrepreneurial itch as a real estate agent, I spent about ten years as an administrative assistant and customer service representative in healthcare, fitness and finance industries.  In 2011, I served as Social Responsibility Ambassador for a former employer where I lead a company fundraiser that raised money for a very cool homeless charity.

For Fun
As a member of a couple hip-hop dance crews in my day, I’m fascinated with all kinds of dance.  The challenges of life got in the way of my dancing, formally and regularly.  But to stay current,  I occasionally persuade my millennial relatives to teach me the latest dances or I teach myself by overdosing on YouTube choreography videos like this.  At any moment you might catch me, Milly Rocking to relieve stress in my day.

My Purpose
My chief purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him.  It sounds esoteric and selfish, I know.  But, paradoxically, it is not.  It’s akin to the idea of putting the oxygen mask on yourself, first, before you can help anyone else.  For, flowing out of that chief purpose is a drive to improve people’s experiences in life, in business, and with me.  Therefore, my aim in life and business is to be a person who is credible, useful, and easy to enjoy.  I know. I know. That’s not the sexy 21-century entrepreneurial response.

But, I’m learning to KISS: Keep. It. Simple. Silly. There is more to unpack as to how this aim relates to specifics of my career journey. But, I will save that for a blog post or podcast.

Personal Ethos  
Proverbs 16:9, I Chronicles 29:13, John 15:5 andExodus 33:12-16 are my four guiding lights as I navigate this entrepreneurial path.  I revisit them often when I feel lost in the sauce of life, social media, and business.  They humble me, quickly,  when I start feeling myself and tempted to wear this hyper “hustle grind” spirit in today’s entrepreneurial culture.   Also, as a Christian, my conscience is captive to the scene described in Revelation 7:9.  Therefore,  I’m compelled to seek and promote any cause or voice championing racial reconciliation and cultural appreciation.  Finally, simplicity, balance, and laughter are top pursuits. Finally, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, flawed, and just fine!  🙂 

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