Lessons from BOSI Entrepreneur DNA & Self-Awareness

While I’ve been getting my entrepreneurial feet wet since 2003 with side-projects here and there, the past four years I’ve gotten way more serious.  Since 2012, I’ve functioned, essentially, as a business and marketing strategist for my own my entrepreneurial experiments.  Here are the ideas and personal projects I took action to create and test over […]

Welcome to My Eclectic Online Cul-de-Sac

Hello!  I’m Latisha. I’m glad you found me.  Welcome to latishagrady.com.  I call it my HUB site.  I call it my personal knowledge base where I blog on the professional topics in which I dabble a little. Specifically, I’m a former commercial real estate professional turned freelance SEO copywriter and digital strategist.  You can hire […]